Beeethic 10 Hives Apiary BE2.0NC, Photovoltaic and Wax Mold

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The system includes 10 Beeethic Hive Kit, with 2 Distancers and 8 Thermal Frames each one, one Photovoltaic Roof, a wax mold and the cables to connect all the hives

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Product Description

Kit for the insertion of beeethic frames within 10 Dadant or Langstroth beehives, for automatic and continuous varroa treatment, throughout the apiary, throughout the season

Prevents the reproduction of varroa and above all the proliferation of viruses, for "clean and beautiful" bees, as Beeethic beekeepers say, see the Application examples

The system includes

10 pairs of spacers, 1 probe frames complete with control unit, connection cable to the power supply or to the previous hive and 7 thermal sheets, to be inserted in normal Dadant or Langstroth frames, through the connections provided.

The wax mold allows the beekeeper to use his own wax, thus being able to regenerate and print the wax sheets in a few minutes, directly in the frames.

The Photovoltaic Roof charges two 12V batteries (not supplied), usually positioned in one hive of the apiary , guaranteeing the energy needed to treat the entire apiary automatically throughout the season

- No need to change the hive

- Eliminates the tiring job of the beekeeper

- Can be used in any temperature condition.

- Kills Varroa mites in the brood cell, at the origin, blocking the reproduction and spread of the Virus

- It is used together with the honey Melari in position.

- It is left in the hive for the whole year, maintaining the work of the beekeeper unchanged in his visit and control phases of the apiary.

- Safe and non-toxic, for bees and the beekeeper.

- Continuous effectiveness over time