BE Climatized Hive – Grid Connection

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BeeEthic 2.0 Hive – grid connection is a complete Beeethic hive, equipped with 8 thermal frames, control unit and transformer, it makes heat treatments completely self-sufficient every mounth and climatization.

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Beeethic to get reduction of Varroa mites during all the season by une treatment about 1,5 h every month and the varroa simply can't reproduce, bees are happy, without Varroa and Viruses and you increase honey production.

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or Professor Aulo Manino & Marco Porporato Researchers from Torino University


  • 1 Plastic or Wood DADANT Hive with new spacers to get the connection (For Langstroth Hive contact us)
  • 7 Thermal frames, wooden frame plus metal connection and resistors foil
  • 1 Control frame, with sensors, connected to Control Unit
  • 1 Control Unit to get treatment every month automaticly, complete of connection to get power from Beeethic power system 24VDC
  • 1 transformer for grid 110-220V and controller to get the treatment every mounth
  • 1 Operation Manual

Beeethic 2.0 Hive - grid connection is equipped with a transformer, it makes heat treatments completely self-sufficient. The automatic treatments every mounth to get reduction of Varroa mites Viruses affection during all the season to increase honey production.

It can plug in automaticly until 10 more additional hive connected by waterproof connection.


  1. Prepare the hive with new Spacers and frames, also the sensor frame and control unit
  2. Put bees in this hive, chose a good season to get new cells and let bees colonize the frames,
  3. When at least THE CONTROL FRAME IS COLONIZED, better if also with brood, you can connect to the Power Unit and let the system giving the treatment for 1,5 houres tp the hive
  4. The system repeat this Treatment every month all the season, stop the treament (disconnect) only when bees block evrything for the winter if you have winter.
  5. In the end of the season, check the bees and get your honey, you will see almost no Varroa and most important, keeping low infestation rate during all the season, you will not see most of the viruses sintom

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Dadant, Langstroth


Plastic, Wood