Grid Apiary 10 Hives

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Two new spacers and 80 thermal frames complete of wax, ready to get automatic treatment every brood cycle by grid power.

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Beeethic to get reduction of Varroa mites during all the season by une treatment about 1,5 h every brood cycle and the varroa simply can't reproduce, bees are happy, without Varroa and Viruses and you increase honey production.

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or Professor Aulo Manino & Marco Porporato Researchers from Torino University


  • 2 new spacers for every hive, to get the connection, you can put in every Dadant or Langstroth Hive in 2 minutes following our tutorial
  • 80 Thermal resistors foils, complete of metal connection fitted in Dadant or Langstroth frame with wax on it
  • every Hive has a Control Unit to get automatic treatment every brood cycle, complete of connection to get power
  • Beeethic grid power box
  • 1 Operation Manual

The control unit in every hives does the automatic treatments, just if you connect a power source 24VDC.


  1. Prepare the hive with new Spacers and put the frames in it
  2. Put bees in this hive, chose a good season to get new cells and let bees colonize the frames,
  3. When at least ONE FRAME IS COLONIZED, better if also with brood, you can connect to the Power Unit and let the system giving the automatic treatment for 1,5 houres
  4. Get your honey and check the bees at the end of season (Brood stop) with powder sugar roll test, you will see almost no Varroa and most important, keeping low infestation rate during all the season, you will not see most of the viruses sintom