“Save bees whithout any chemical solution, a good idea. BEE ETHIC”

Ascanio Tagliaferri


In 2009 a study of the prestigious German University of Tubingen identified heat as Varroa’s Achilles heel. The study has discovered, in fact, that temperatures higher than 40° are lethal to this mite while the bees have no problems until 44 °. The Tubingen study suggested a heat treatment for Varroa disinfestation; however, it was very difficult to put into practice. It is not practical and it is not cheap for beekeepers to remove all the frames from the colonies, to put them in extremely sophisticated ovens every time they need to kill the Varroa.


Years of research and testing carried out in collaboration with leading Italian research institutes and in close collaboration with the beekeepers, allowed Mauro Tagliaferri to bring heat treatment to everyone. The special Bee Ethic frames in fact can be easily mounted in every standard apiary. They have a very accurate built-in heat control system, which heats the brood to the exact temperature slot that kills Varroa without causing any damage to the bees.


Bee Ethic has another big advantage for beekeepers: thanks to the Bee Ethic control unit, as well as Varroa disinfestation, you can use heat to increase honey production. Bees in fact consume most of their honey to keep the brood at the right temperature (about 35 ° C); with the help of Bee Ethic, up to 50% more honey will be available to be gathered!

Sustainability is for Bee Ethic a key value and bees are often located in remote locations, far from electrical supplies. That is why our system is equipped with a solar panel system that makes treatment completely self-sufficient. For those who have different needs, however, you can use Bee Ethic easily connecting it to a standard power socket.